Jewelry care

The coating on the precious metals will react with atmospheric oxygen and acid balance in the body. It is therefore inevitable that the jewelry will become worn, and that the colour will change. That is why it is important to wear jewelry wisely and treat it properly by following the instructions described below. This will help ensure that the jewelry retains its beautiful exterior for longer period.

Everyday use

  • Always remove jewelry before going to bed.
  • Do not wash your hands with the jewelry on, and always remove before going to bed, cleaning, physical exercise and so forth.
  • The jewelry should be stored in a jewelry box. Try to keep it separate to avoid scratches – we recommend a cotton bag.
  • Clean jewelry on a regular basis. Use a soft cloth on the jewelry to gently remove any oils from your skin or make-up residue.
  • Silver polish may be used to clean silver jewelry to achieve a nice shiny surface. Silver polish must not be used on coated silver jewelry, such as gold-plated, rhodinated or rose gold-plated jewelry.
  • Keep your pearl jewelry away from dishwasher detergent and perfume, as it will lose its lustre
  • Add the jewelry as the last step in your daily beauty routine. Perfume, make-up, hair spray, lotions and oils can all destroy the coating on the jewelry.

We advise our retailers to share this information with their customers.

Clasp guide:

Jane Kønig necklaces have an s-clasp, which must be treated in a certain way. It is important to gently twist the clasp to the side when it is opened and not up and down.  This way you avoid the clasp becoming worn and breaking.

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